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"Sadly, so many commercials, fundraisers, pink ribbons and celebrities telling you to 'help fund research', yet there is no intentions of unleashing a cure. If there was a cure you wouldn't know anyway. There isn't a cure for a disease that is made and destroyed by what your eating. A doctor isn't going to send you on your way after checkup and tell you to just go eat more raw vegetables."

Besides, back in the 50's they said, "We're right around the corner from a cure for cancer."  No amount of money will cure anything.


Reimer Family



Since January 2013 Jordan has been free of a 'stage 4 (according to hospital X)' brain cancer (MRI's are clean) . He is living an exciting normal life with zero side effects.



" I was a business owner, I didn't get paid to tell you how to fix your own issues... It would have put me out of business. You can't patent food."

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