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I'm a teenager that had stage 4 brain cancer...

As a young man my life had taken quite a turn. Most kids my age may never know what I have faced. I stand at my mountain and fear not. I know Christ is with me and the knowledge He has given me of what to put in my body will keep me healed. Thank you for everything.

~Jordan (did not take radiation nor chemotherapy)



We move forward with our story. We hope to reach out to people to share words of encouragement and pass along hope. We are proof that you can have the faith and you do not have to live in constant fear. You need to take control of your life and decide what is best for YOU when it comes to treatment. Remember, this was the way it was intended thousands of years ago.


We would love to reach many people with this news we have whether by this site, books and conferences, however, everything costs money. If you would like to contribute to our cause please contact us to see how you can help us spread the hope.

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