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What weakens the Immune System?

1. Refined Sugars


2. Standard American Diet (SAD)


3. Cow's Milk


4. Vaccinations: (Detergents, formaldehyde, microbes, antibiotics, chemicals, heavy metals and animal byproducts are found in them)


5. Suppression of Childhood Diseases


6. Early Puberty: Hormones in food are creating early puberty in girls as early as age 8, normal used to be age 15.


7. Dehydration: Most people do not drink enough purified water. Coffee, caffeinated teas, sodas, energy drinks and alcohol do not cut it.


8. Routine Cancer Screening: Mammograms have never been proven to be safe or prolong the life of a person.


9. Colonoscopies: Can lead to perforation and bleeding of the colon wall, infections, and even death. Also, during the procedure, patients are given toxic drugs which weaken the immune system.


10. Other Immune System Killers:


> Obesity

> Smoking

> Drinking Alcohol and the use of other drugs

> Drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water (city water)

> Consuming artificial sweeteners and foods with MSG

What Strengthens the Immune System?

1. Proper Diet


2. Exercise


3. Oxygen


4. Sun


5. Rest



Your Immune system can Kill Cancer and Prevent Cancer. KEEP IT ARMED!

Your immune system loves to fight off diseases, stop hindering it from doing so. You must pay careful attention to the lists above!

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