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Ahh yes, the Coronavirus...

I know everyone is sick of hearing about it, but it is part of our everyday lives now.

The man made virus, created by the same group making the vaccine. 
Just like Microsoft making billions on anti-virus programs to eliminate the virus they put in your computer. It's business. A sick way to make money, but your buying it.

False tests, false numbers, fake diagnosis, media scare, election year, face recognition tests (with masks), 5G , SpaceX, 2,500 new satellites, mind control, cashless society agenda, anti-religion, civil war. 

I'm NOT saying there is NO virus, I'm saying its not a Zombie Outbreak Plague where people are dropping like flies. We're talking BETTER than a 98% survival rate. AND they're tagging a heart attack death as Covid-19 death, and many more. So the 98% would even be better. And you can fix it with a $20 drug (Ivermectin), that "they" are trying to ban even though it helps you but they cant make money on it.

They're trying to see how many people will give up their freedoms for a larger agenda later. Sadly millions are falling for it.

Isn't it amazing tho, how the Flu, Pneumonia, COPD deaths have dropped to nearly Zero? However, Vax deaths now are numerous.

Its all about Money, Power & Control. 

What you allow, will continue.

This video is protected by the First Amendment and should not be removed. We have the right to an opinion and our own research. If you remove this video you must remove all opinionated websites on the entire internet. 

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