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Below is a summary story of how we are fighting cancer (stage 4 brain cancer <according to the hospitals; All Childrens Hospital (FL), Rochester Mayo (MN) & Tampa General (FL), We had 3 separate, respected, well known, huge Hospital Opinions >), yet went on without any conventional treatments, by simply changing a lifestyle of nutrition and adopting a vegan lifestyle. Not any kind of drugs, just food that is organic, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and could be grown right in your back yard.


This is Jordan, our 13 year old son (at the time). Just like any 13 year old boy, he was an energenic, happy, active boy. The body is so fragile that anything can happen at any time. One beautiful Saturday afternoon Jordan started throwing up along with acting lathargic and out of his mind. My wife rushed him to the ER...


A CT scan had showed a mass in his brain. An ambulance had to rush him to a more specialized hospital, so we followed the ambulance to hospital X.


The MRI at hospital X showed a tumor in his brain. Because the tumor was blocking fluids the hospital said surgery was needed due to location. Jordan wanted surgery to stop the migraines. Brave boy at 13. Initially the tumor could not be checked if it was cancerous or not until it was removed because of where it was located.

Surgery was successful, the tumor completely removed. The tumor was cancer. The doctor from hospital X had said "stage 4" and that we "must start treatments right away."

The night of surgery Jordan was in ICU under "24 hour supervision" with a nurse in his room, we received a phone call later, we were a block away staying at a place. We received the phone call from the Hospital X that Jordan fell off his bed on his head. He had tried to get up to go to the restroom. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUPERVISION? This well know Childrens Hospital is horrible.


We were bombarded with doctors and specialists the next 5 days in the hospital.


Surgeon and his group were amazing, the Oncologist group and Hospital was terrifying.

After gathering a lot of information from these doctors and specialists (because they wouldn't tell us otherwise) and their recommended treatments, we were all un-easy with what would be going inside this teenage boy's body.


We felt we needed to pray about it and seek the Lord's guidance because He is first in our lives. We needed to look at the side effects and the failures of these treatments.


We struggled to leave the hospital because they would not let us out the door without "Signing the dotted line to start their treatments"

After finally leaving hospital X we looked into a more healthy way of treatment. And Jordan wanted to also. In the hospital Jordan had said "No matter what happens I do not want chemo or radiation."

We ended up getting a second and third opinion from respected Hospitals and they all gave us different treatment info, scary.


We had started right away with a diet change for Jordan. IF this cancer was formed from existing diet, then the first thing to do was to change what we were doing, starting with food.


We saw enormous progress from the diet change. Truly the Lord directed us to this path of recovery.


Hospital X was unhappy with our choices despite how well Jordan was doing. They had turned us in for child abuse just because we did not agree with their 'opinion' of my son's treatment.


It is sad what pride can do sometimes to even businesses.

They even forced us to go 'on trial' per say at the Attorney General's office in front of dozens of people. And I had to defend my freedom of living in the USA.

They eventually dropped my case after I had to explain the side effects and the freedom of this country, 


Now, here we are 11 years later, and a healthy happy life for a now 24 year old boisterous young man. Inventor, Going for management in a huge company.


A normal life of school, fishing, basketball, bike riding, bowling, much more. Restful, unfearful days and nights. No worry of scary treatments. No side effects from the nearly un-ending list of them.

After the Hospital finally gave up, and by the way, never gave us paperwork, we had to 'purchase' it. The Oncologists never contacted us again. But don't they care so much?


Diseases are not the end of the road for you. It is time to harvest your health!

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