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Quotes 'THEY' don't want you to read (many are from 'THEM')

"The treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases is a national scandal. The sooner you learn this the better off you will be." ~ Allen Greenburg, M.D.
"The American public is being sold a nasty bill of goods." ~ Dr. James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner (While serving on the National Cancer Advisory Board, 1975)
"... some 35 years of intense effort focused on improving treatment must be judged as a qualified failure." ~ John C Bailar, M.D. The New England Journal of Medicine 1986
"We have given it our best effort for decades: billions of dollars of support, the best scientific talent available. It hasn't paid off." ~ John C. Bailar M.D. Harvard University 1997
"Remember there are worse things than death. One of them is chemotherapy." ~ Charles Huggins, M.D. Nobel Prize Winner
"Relative benefit is ok for statistical inferences ... Absolute risk reduction is what matters." ~ Donald Barry, Chief of Biostatistics M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

When I asked the Oncologist group at Hospital X for Absolute Numbers instead of Relative... they said "They are the same and were not aware of any difference."

"We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people, right and left, just for financial gain." ~ Glenn Warner, M.D.
"Chemotherapy is a marvelous opportunity for rampant deceit. So much money is there to be made..." ~ George Lundberg, M.D. editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association
"Marketing a disease is the best way to market a drug." ~ Susan Love, M.D.
"...Mammograms increase the risk of developing breast cancer and raise the risk of spreading or metastasizing an existing growth." ~ Charles B. Simone, M.D., former clinical associate in immunology and pharmacology at the National Cancer Institute
"...the annual mammographic screening of 10,000 women aged 50-70 will extend the lives of, at best, 26 of them; and annual screening of 10,000 women in their 40s will extend the lives of only 12 women per year." ~ "How Mammography Causes Cancer," Alternative Medicine, Sep. 1999
"Of every 1,000 American women getting mammograms each year between the ages of 40 and 50, 345 (35%) will receive false positive results, often with unnecessary intervention (treatment) as the result." ~ New England Journal of Medicine, February 11, 1993


Anyone remember this?

The very doctors you trust have endorsed cigarette smoking not too many years ago. Not too long ago you could even smoke while in the hospital bed.


What makes you think they wouldn't endorse drugs that are also killing you?



Nutritionists have never endorsed cigarette smoking. 

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